(works and teachings of Doctor Grigori Grabovoi – adapted for personal and/or business training)
(training on demand and personal choice):
2. FINANCES (getting out of debt and raising personal income)
5. CLAIRVOYANCE (personal development of clairvoyance so you can always see best solutions
for yourself and to help others)
6. GOAL SETTING AND PROGNOSTICS (100% achievement)
7. BUSINESS (getting out of bankruptcy and establishing proper development)

We are introducing our trainees into a highly practical and revolutionary system of METHODS FOR CONTROLLING INFORMATIONAL FIELD around us and helping others do the same. As you may know, in today’s world – information is everything.

In fact, information is the main motivator of your every action – whether you are a business person, a simple individual, a mother, a family man, a sportsman… basically anything and everything consists of some informational structure which is translated in our organism by co-relationship of thought and physical matter and then channeled into our daily actions.
Technologies for personal development are unique in many ways, but the most valuable thing to mention is the way how it treats connections of our personal existence with entire network of people, things and situations. Therefore, it’s possible to take control over your life as you learn how to deal with informational field of yourself and with others’.
We will teach you how to interpret those information by various means, starting from physical senses and then lifting those experiences to higher levels of perception where information is considered neutral – and then filtered through our own conditions. This leads to purification of your thought, increased concentration in your daily work and very positive transformation not only in targeted area of your life – but also in general sense.
Everything is connected and everything has its informational structure:
• from health issues to optimal health,
• from financial issues to financial breakthrough and success,
We are introducing our trainees into a highly practical and revolutionary system of METHODS FOR CONTROLLING INFORMATIONAL FIELD around us and helping others do the same. As you may know, in today’s world – information is everything.
• from breaks and separations in your family and personal relationships to being connected to everyone in a positive and leader’s way,
• from ignorance and lack of education to acquiring proper knowledge and attaining wisdom,
• from fear to teach and speak publically to being a confident person with well-developed
skills and depository of knowledge…
Everything is possible – when you grasp the power of working with information and concentration. We can help you learn how to stay individualized in healthy manner even though you are experiencing challenges around you.
There are specific technologies with graphics and instructions on how to develop your concentration power and later on, how to work with specific cases and areas in your life whether it be: finances, relationships, business, health, success and many more…
You name it!
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.51.14 PM
2. FINANCES (getting out of debt and raising personal income)
5. CLAIRVOYANCE (personal development of clairvoyance so you can always see best solutions
for yourself and to help others)
6. GOAL SETTING AND PROGNOSTICS (100% achievement)
7. BUSINESS (getting out of bankruptcy and establishing proper development)
Personal consultations can be arranged for individuals and for companies as well.
In both cases personalized training is received, with bonus training of how to introduce it to others who are interested, but also new concerning our presented subjects and methods of improvement.
Minimum amount of time that you can registered as a part of your session is 3 hours.
During that time you will be guided by our professional business woman and trainer Svetlana Novak. High quality materials for additional studies will be handed to you in a form of PDF manuals and slides.


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.51.27 PM
They are adjusted to modern circulation of information and your (re)education about their meaning, their use and eventual transformation of everything in your life that was connected to them – prior to your training with us.
From personal training with individuals and companies, to specialized training on manually chosen subject from works of doctor of Grabovoi, to webinar training, to professional consulting services! Everything that you need or desire – can be achieved if you learn to work properly with what life and universe has already gave to you. You will learn how to work harmoniously and for the benefit of everyone around you. You will learn how to make a distinction between constructive and destructive acts, no matter if it’s the question of your business, family affairs, professional qualification, education or just handling challenges overall.
Take a look at our training packages below…

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.51.36 PM
Supported languages: Serbian, Russian, English
• Personal challenges (health, rejuvenation, goals, development of clairvoyance, personal business)
• Personal finances and business
• Solving debt and mortgages
• Working with companies that are not solvent or under bankruptcy

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.51.48 PM
Supported languages: Serbian, Russian, English
• Training for teaching and presenting purposes of doctor Grabovoi’s continuous work on material and scientific patents
• Specialized way of training and transmission of concentrated knowledge CONSULTING SERVICES
Supported languages: Serbian, Russian, English

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.52.03 PM

• Problem solving methods and proper directioning for the sake of future development
• Development and market placement in direction of using clairvoyant abilities while handling
business activities




We are continuing with our educational-training program. This time we are dedicating ourselves on subjects of: REJUVENATION. These carefully prepared classes will start on 1st October 2016th and last until 1st May of 2017th.

All of us are going to work through technologies and achieve results of healing and rejuvenation. The main subject: REJUVENATION through the teaching of doctor Grigori Grabovoi – the #1 scientist in the whole world. He’s the only one who give practical advices how to live eternally and happily in this body – right here, right now.

But now, the time has come to show it to the world by being our own examples.

What do we mean, by introducing Teachings of doctor Grigori Grabovoi?

  1. Complete health by the Norm of the Creator
  2. Happiness of living
  3. Regeneration of skin tissue, teeth and all other organs (damaged and surgically removed organs) and removing wrinkles.
  4. Eternally young body – which is chosen by you.
  5. Clairvoyance – in every moment you can scan the conditions of cells in your body, and therefore help other people, animals, plants and minerals.
  6. Eternal development – becoming creative beings who deliver their own mission of the Soul and task of the Creator.
  7. Activation of vital energy in your body and through your daily actions.
  8. Accomplishment of goals – for the benefit of whole world and personal wellbeing as well (new job, personal eternal business…)
  9. Prognostics – exact determination of outcome of events in near and far future, and working on it with 100% results (easily and effortlessly)


  • Svetlana Novak, a certified lecturer and teacher of doctor Grabovoi’s teachings, represents the best example of how to work with Grabovoi technologies and educate yourself through his teachings.
  • She has a longest number of hours of held seminars – throughout the world. 7.000 hours of active teaching in full rooms of attendees. By personal example she is showing the possibility to rejuvenate yourself for 15 years, if your work on yourself for 3 week continuously and with intensity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.42.04 PM

Svetlana Novak   7.8.2016.


  • She the only one in the world who knows how to teach entire opus of doctor Grabovoi, and that’s over 60 books and 400 of author’s seminars. For just one seminar, teachers are preparing themselves around six months.
  • But during Svetlana’s training program – you will receive a CONCENTRATED FORM of knowledge and easy understanding of very complex material of doctor Grabovoi.
  • Through her own effort and investment, she translated around 120 works of doctor Grabovoi in Serbia.

You will be working for 9 months each Wednesday. Proper technologies will be given to you in order to practice it and achieve results. Those results will be changing your position and status in the Collective Consciousness. Permanent removal of diseases, aging and death is highly emphasized because those are viruses-intruders in our body and everything around us.

Our task is to permanently remove them from face of the Earth and from everything else in existence.

Author’s seminars of doctor Grabovoi will be studied in detail, and specifically on the subject of REJUVENATION. We will learn how to regenerate the skin, face, teeth, and organs and achieve complete health and then maintain our health state.

You will learn how to work with ETERNAL MATTER. This eternal substance regenerates everything in your body at very fast rate and rejuvenates us and entire world. It also removes diseases from our organism – very quickly.

You will be working with the device PRK-1U, which is a special patent of doctor Grabovoi, and it serves the purpose of increasing your concentration and therefore your chances of receiving immediate results of rejuvenation.

Each webinar will be presented with carefully prepared PowerPoint presentations that include drawings of technologies – necessary for proper work. Each one of you can transfer this into your smartphone and practice it during the day while experiencing great joy! It’s because, when you have the picture, it’s much easier to work with technologies of doctor Grabovoi and rejoice for your results in rejuvenation.

Individual consultations will be possible before and after webinar.

Each one of 400 author’s seminars are developed through PowerPoint presentations and doctor Grabovoi himself said that the ways of how Svetlana Novak is teaching – should be expanded throughout the world. He also said many times and on multiple occasions, that during the testing on device PRK-1U, people who worked with Svetlana – showed high level of knowledge about the teaching and ways of working with technologies.

Two very important centers in Serbia, in Belgrade specifically – are starting to spread their services:

  1. World’s Healing center of doctor Grabovoi
  2. World’s Business center

Both of them will be led by doctor Grabovoi and Svetlana Novak.


Four times a month, we will gather ourselves from 20:00 until 21:00 (every Wednesday) with extra hour reserved for help to those who are in need. Depending on your location, this might be a different time zone, but it will be oriented around time zone of Belgrade.

Those who can’t participate at the webinar in real time, they can still watch it later.


  • Price for MONTHLY PACKAGE in Russian, English and Spanish is 200 euros.



Firm account: ETALON 999
Head director: Djurović Svetozar
Bank account number: 2024908491
IBAN/SWIFT: RS35165000202490849164 / HAABRSBG


Email for transaction: djurovicsvetozar@gmail.com


Payments are made on name of: Svetlana Novak. After your payment is processed, you will need to send transaction data on email: svetlananovak.srbija@gmail.com

Western union payments require that you also provide us with these specific details:

  • CITY, STATE from which you are sending the payment
  • MTCN, which is control number of the transaction

If you are interested, you can send your application at:

With great love, I wish us success and achievement of healthy, young and eternal body!
Svetlana Novak




This is a NEW KNOWLEDGE which is considered Teaching NUMBER 1 in the World. It will bring you permanent joy in your Life and existence.

The most important benefit that you will receive from this Teaching is:

  1.  Harmonius GOVERNANCE – of all aspects of your LIfe
  2. JOY – this knowledge has directly descended from The Creator to three eminent Russian Scientists
  3. PREDICTABLE RESULTS – this Work comes from the Informational level which has 100% rate success

                                            !!!!! NO DISEASE, NO AGEING, ETERNAL LIFE!!!!!

Let’s learn to govern our own lives in accordance with the NORM of The Creator.

Only genuine (original) knowledge from Our Creator brings permanent joy in our Soul and events of our Lives.

Health is not in our hands, but in our CONSCIOUSNESS.

This Knowledge will show and teach us how to govern our own Life, how to be happy, how to stay healthy and youthful; to live in abundance and to work toward salvation and harmonious development for all!

This is the most Comprehensive Knowledge available today.

What are you going to learn on Seminars of The New Technologies?

–          To be a Creator of your own Life

–          To Create desired events

–          To transform negative into positive

–          To restore and regenerate surgically removed or damaged organs and tissue

–          To feel supported forever and ever

How to achieve what is really essential and important to you?



And how can you do that?

Join us now and

  1. attend seminars and regularly held workshops
  2. read relevant literature written by Grigory Grabovoi, Dr Arcady Petrov and Igor Arepyev (currently translated roughly 10 books in English. Literature is available in another languages as well: about 30 books is translated in Serbian for example)

By working autonomously,starting from 1992, three Russian scientists have brought the biggest Knowledge to the world. The Creator himself has descended through these three scientists as a triUnity.

It’s considered that:

  1. Dr Grigory Grabovoi transfers Knowledge from the Consciousness
  2. Dr Arcady Petrov transfers Knowledge from the Soul and
  3. Igor Arepyev from the Spirit

All of the three teachings are necessary to be acquired so the man can have entirety. You can start acquiring knowledge right now – there are no limitations related to age, nor education. etc.

Who is Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi?

Teaching of an academician, Doctor of mathematics, physics, applied mechanics and medicine Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi, is directed toward all-embracing salvation and harmonious development of all. His work was, in the first place, directed toward prevention of global catastrophes. With his clairvoyance and factual guidelines, he prevented numerous catastrophes of nuclear plants.

Dozens of books exist in the form of factual certificates of ordered jobs from a government, which he was always solving with 100% success rate (diagnostics of the airplanes and nuclear reactors), as well as reports from witnesses who were healed from the last stages of cancer and AIDS, regeneration of surgically removed organs as well as thousands of resurrected people which he personally resurrected and returned to life here and now. He teleports objects and people, sees through the time, distances and barriers, he constructs present and the past.

Whatever he does – he does with 100% results. He works from the informational level from which The Creator works. He teaches people about that through his books, lectures and regular concentrations, in which he participates with everyone between 10 – 11 PM every evening. He shows senseLessness of killing and dying. He defined new laws of mathematics and other sciences.

He is a scientist number 1 in the whole world.

Now, the SUPREME KNOWLEDGE is available to each and every man, in accordance with the Will of Our Creator.

NEW KNOWLEDGE for the development of consciousness of every individual is described in his numerous books.

That this is the knowledge which has directly descended from The Creator you will realize when you start studying and applying it – enormous JOY is permanently moving into your existence.

Stress and dis-eases disappear, and serenity settles into your house and the soul.

This knowledge points clearly on, what was hidden from men for a long, long time: THAT WE ALL ARE CELLS IN A PHYSICAL BODY OF ONE AND ONLY GOD.

All the planets and galaxies and universes are here – it is all placed within THE BODY OF ONE GOD OUR FATHER.

Grabovoi says: “While astronomers look into distant stars with their telescopes, they don’t even realize that they are looking into the lungs of our Creator!!!

Then, do you care more to be healthy or Our Father?

Man has fallen down too much at the level of the consciousness and renounced God.

God has never renounced man that he created to his image and likeness.

God responds to every appeal from man immediately, but man cannot receive that gift at the same time, due to his firm planes of illusions.

Now, with teaching of Dr Grabovoi, if you wish, you can learn:

–          how to self-heal (currently, only 1% of our brain neurons are activated, but with this wonderful teaching that percentage rises rapidly)

–          how to be serene and happy

–          to prevent possible global and local catastrophes

–          to govern time and weather conditions

–          to always work for all-embracing salvation and harmonious development of all

–          to momentarily change composition of food and drinks that you consume (food is Genetically Modified today)

–          to purify rivers, lakes, springs and the seas with your consciousness

–          to momentarily change all adverse situations

–          to prevent “departure” of loved ones etc.

Whatever Dr Grabovoi gave to the world, he proved mathematically and he defined new scientific laws.

As he says himself – stories are refuted by other stories, but no one can deny mathematical proofs.

All of his results in everything that he does are 100%. New Knowledge is now available to everyone. To every man who wants to learn how to work for all-embracing salvation and harmonious development of all. Like Dr Grabovoi does himself.

He is a scientist number 1 in the world with multitude of registered scientific patents. All of them are directed toward preservation of life.

And life is the biggest gift.


To see Dr Grabovoi’s diplomas click here:  ________________________________________________


Dr Arcady Petrov

Dr Arcady Naumovich Petrov has PhD in philosophy and he was the director of the most eminent publishing house in Russia “Hudlit”.

Today, he works and lives in a suburb of Moscow, Puskinovo.

He is a prolific writer who wrote 23 books until now.

He is the only scientist out of three of them who travels the world and gives seminars on regeneration of cells and surgically removed and damaged organs.

One day in 1996, being sworn atheist, Petrov found himself in the hospital with grave kidney disease.

He was lying in the bed expecting to have his kidney removed.

With deep sadness he observed his condition and listened to cheerless prognosis of attending doctors considering his health.

And then, miracle happened… Suddenly, he started seeing long distanced past, he had clear visions from previous epoch and he started writing everything down. His screen of internal vision opened, which was showing to his consciousness long past events in he participated. Revelation from the spiritual world appeared in front of his own eyes and he continued to record them meticulously.

In his visions, he listened to the music of the Existence, observed infinite vastness with the creation of precise geometrical figures.

Transformations of the environment were numerous; they created rhombuses, spheres, cones, cubes, half-spheres, complex geometrical constructions – tetrahedrons, pyramids, icosahedrons, dodekaeders. These figures painted themselves with wonderful colors and flew in accordance with the certain rhythm. Everything was pervaded with a powerful precise impulse of life, which was mathematically exactly determined. Yes, THE IMPULSE OF LIFE is mathematically exactly determined by Our Creator. He was in a field of meaning, field of an infinite development of the Universe.

From being convinced atheist, Petrov becomes man of faith having new-awakened consciousness and he leaves the hospital as a healed man, while the process of the healing remained unclear to him and to the doctors. Later, he will explain himself, that his enormous awakened faith in the Creator opened the door toward complete health.

The time has come when earlier hidden knowledge, becomes common good of the humanity.

New education of the humanity, demands time; while gaining of the knowledge and skills is performed in a different manner. It requires a lot of time.

Today, the basic questions are:

–          How to live?

–          What is the meaning of life?

Man has forgotten, that once, long time ago, he knew how to fly. He plummeted from the great heights into the depth of hell and fell asleep in a deep slumber becoming just a cog in today’s system. Someone is an atheist; someone is a ‘believer’- believing in what intercessors between God and people have reinforced… He believes in everything else except – in himself/herself.

After leaving the hospital, Dr Petrov has written his 3 now famous books, which he named Trilogy.

Trilogy consists of the following books:

Save yourself (currently being translated in Hungarian language)

Save the world within you

Save the world around you

This Trilogy leads man from death to immortality, from fear and waiting in passivity to the active role of a man, like eternal co-creator and a helper to Our Creator. These books are an important to read in order to expand one’s consciousness and to finally realize conformation of the spiritual planes (which are replicated on our lives here and now!) The Creator has directly revealed to Dr Arcady Naumovich Petrov how to regenerate human organs and in a joined effort with Igor Arepyev, he succeeded in regeneration of his surgically removed gall bladder and the appendix.

Regeneration is documented in an official health institution, causing surprise among many doctors, who mockingly related to that, while Dr Petrov was attending ultrasound examinations and demanded that all changes during gall bladder regeneration be noted and meticulously documented in medical records.

Today, this knowledge about the regeneration of human organs and teeth Dr Petrov transmits all around the world during his seminars.


Igor Arepyev

Igor Arepyev is an extraordinarily clairvoyant scientist, who was, together with Dr Arcady Petrov, student of Dr Grigory Grabovoi in Moscow.

Working alongside with Dr Petrov, through joined work, the two of them succeeded in regenerating Dr Petrov’s gall bladder, and to achieve complete healing for terminally ill people, which were all documented.

By revealing “himself” and by seeing anew, i.e. by acquiring a gift of total clairvoyance, Igor Arepyev leaves the police force, where he was employed as a high ranking official.

Grabovoi, Petrov and Arepyev had extraordinary results (100%) in their respective canters in everything they did.

By training others, their students mastered those skills as well.

Teaching that they are conveying are valid for each and every man, who wants to invest time for mastering of KNOWLEDGE OF THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS; knowledge of the new time, when man becomes the real creator of his own life. It is important that we all rejoice in that, because the beauty arrives in our hearts, homes, countries, on our beautiful Earth.

Igor Arepyev is not going into public.

He lives a life of spiritual ascension and he has removed himself from the urban environment.

In the name of all the three of them, he has written “Bible of The Future – The imminent pledge”

He was precisely chosen by The Creator – to write in three Bibles the pledge of the creator to the humanity.

Bibles are divine, emanating great love and support from our Creator for his every child.

Alongside Bibles, Igor has written 7 other books under the title of Technology of Salvation.

One book has been translated, while other translations are in the progress.

The odyssey of Petrov and Arepyev has been excellently described by Petrov himself in his books of Trilogy.

Igor Arepyev is not going into public, he doesn’t give interviews and he doesn’t give seminars, so we don’t have any videos about him.

What we can wish for him is that his paths be blessed and that he gives us lots of good books.

They say that:

–          Dr Grigory Grabovoi works with the consciousness

–          Dr Arcady Petrov works with the soul

–          Igor Arepyev works with the spirit

They say still more:

–          That for people familiar with natural sciences, mathematicians and physicists it is easier to understand teachings of Dr Grabovi

–          That for people from social professions is easier to accept Teaching of “Tree of Life” from Dr Petrov.

Published books by Arepyev in Russia are:

Igor Arepyev

Pledge of the future – Bible of the Future. Book 1

Igor Arepyev

Pledge of the future – Bible of the Future. Book 2

Igor Arepyev

Pledge of the future – Bible of the Future. Book 3