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Dr Arcady Naumovich Petrov has PhD in philosophy; he was the director of the most eminent publishing house in Russia “Hudlit”.


Basic and Advanced Levels Tree of LIfe. seminars in Melbourne and Sydney, December 2013, February 2014

Basic and Advanced Levels Tree of LIfe. seminars in Melbourne and Sydney, December 2013, February 2014


Today, he works and lives in a suburb of Moscow, Puskinovo.

He is a prolific writer who wrote 23 books until now.

He is the only scientist out of three of them who travels the world and gives seminars on regeneration of cells and surgically removed and damaged organs.

One day in 1996, being sworn atheist, Petrov found himself in the hospital with grave kidney disease.

He was lying in the bed expecting to have his kidney removed.

With deep sadness he observed his condition and listened to cheerless prognosis of attending doctors considering his health.

And then, miracle happened… Suddenly, he started seeing long distanced past, he had clear visions from previous epoch and he started writing everything down. His screen of internal vision opened, which was showing to his consciousness long past events in he participated. Revelation from the spiritual world appeared in front of his own eyes and he continued to record them meticulously.

In his visions, he listened to the music of the Existence, observed infinite vastness with the creation of precise geometrical figures.

Transformations of the environment were numerous; they created rhombuses, spheres, cones, cubes, half-spheres, complex geometrical constructions – tetrahedrons, pyramids, icosahedrons, dodekaeders. These figures painted themselves with wonderful colors and flew in accordance with the certain rhythm. Everything was pervaded with a powerful precise impulse of life, which was mathematically exactly determined. Yes, THE IMPULSE OF LIFE is mathematically exactly determined by Our Creator. He was in a field of meaning, field of an infinite development of the Universe.

From being convinced atheist, Petrov becomes man of faith having new-awakened consciousness and he leaves the hospital as a healed man, while the process of the healing remained unclear to him and to the doctors. Later, he will explain himself, that his enormous awakened faith in the Creator opened the door toward complete health.

The time has come when earlier hidden knowledge, becomes common good of the humanity.

New education of the humanity, demands time; while gaining of the knowledge and skills is performed in a different manner. It requires a lot of time.

Today, the basic questions are:

–          How to live?

–          What is the meaning of life?

Man has forgotten, that once, long time ago, he knew how to fly. He plummeted from the great heights into the depth of hell and fell asleep in a deep slumber becoming just a cog in today’s system. Someone is an atheist; someone is a ‘believer’- believing in what intercessors between God and people have reinforced… He believes in everything else except – in himself/herself.

After leaving the hospital, Dr Petrov has written his 3 now famous books, which he named Trilogy.

Trilogy consists of the following books:

Save yourself (currently being translated in Hungarian language)

Save the world within you

Save the world around you

This Trilogy leads man from death to immortality, from fear and waiting in passivity to the active role of a man, like eternal co-creator and a helper to Our Creator. These books are an important to read in order to expand one’s consciousness and to finally realize conformation of the spiritual planes (which are replicated on our lives here and now!) The Creator has directly revealed to Dr Arcady Naumovich Petrov how to regenerate human organs and in a joined effort with Igor Arepyev, he succeeded in regeneration of his surgically removed gall bladder and the appendix.

Regeneration is documented in an official health institution, causing surprise among many doctors, who mockingly related to that, while Dr Petrov was attending ultrasound examinations and demanded that all changes during gall bladder regeneration be noted and meticulously documented in medical records.

Today, this knowledge about the regeneration of human organs and teeth Dr Petrov transmits all around the world during his seminars.